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ATDM co., engineering - Commerce company started long-term import and export activities with creative, young and responsible team in 2006.

Association of skilled experts by using up-to-date methods in engineering-commerce with implementing special commercial methods help us to have high quality products and cause to mutual profit .

One of the most important aspects of ATDM co. is paying attention to attract young, active and creative human resources with professional experts. Up to now we have a professional and active team with valid graduating degree from top universities.

ATDMCO positive attitude to foreign investments attracts international funds as one of the most influential features of country’s economic development and gains many achievements in this way. Joint venture with different international companies is one of the achievements.

ATDMCO has the capacity of management and implementation of great plans with association of foreign and domestic partners. Satisfaction of our partners is the most important part of our career.

we are one the greatest exporters of chemicals in Iran and could handle various types of packaging depend on costumers’ requirements with efficient distribution channel.

ATDMCO has different international licenses in the fields of production and distribution and produces by ASTM international standard. This quality causes the international costumers continue to cooperate to our company regarding sanctions.

The network of offices allows us to stay close to the major chemical markets of North and South of Iran, Asia , Europe , Africa and U.S .

In each market we have the in-house capability to offer the following services:

• Procurement
• Sales and Marketing
• Freight logistics for both dry and liquid cargo
• Storage of dry and liquid cargo
• Order fulfillment
• Time swaps
• Trade and project finance

ATDM co. has built a unique compliment of chemical distribution and trading businesses with a product and market focus aimed at bringing real value to its trading partners. We look forward to doing business with you. If you would like additional information, use the "Contact Us" link above.

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