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What Is Fertiliser ?

Fertilizers are plant nutrients which can provide from ATDM CO .

Nutrients existing naturally in the soil, atmosphere, and in animal manure. However, naturally occurring nutrients are not always available in the forms that plants can use, or in the quantities needed. So we add to them by applying fertilizer, to make plants grow to their maximum potential.

There are two kind of Fertilizers:

Organic fertilizers are derived from living or once-living material, including animal wastes, crop residues, compost and numerous other by-products of living organisms.

Inorganic fertilizers are derived from lifeless sources and include most of our man-made, commercial fertilizers. Man-made and natural fertilizers contain the same elements, but man-made fertilizers act more quickly.

Why do we need Fertiliser?

Often, the soil doesn't hold enough of these nutrients in the quantities needed for desirable growth and production.

An element is considered essential if in its absence plant growth and reproduction is significantly hindered.

The nutrients, that are in the soil, are often used up and need to be replaced. Therefore, we need to add extra plant nutrients to obtain maximum plant performance.

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