What is Zeolite?

Zeolite P in medium containing bleach percarbonate has higher efficiInsoluble natures of zeolites with specific form (in addition to calcium ion has the ability to absorb magnesium ions ). and content that are appropriate (no sharp angles) and the appropriate size (about 3.5 mm) in the fabric will not cause that fabric becomes hard.

Kinetic reaction of ion exchange in zeolite is less than phosphate. They prevent from completion of calcium carbonate sediments formation. So constructive soluble such as copolymer Maleic - acrylic in rinse medium seems necessary.

Copolymers, even at concentrations below a threshold level is capable for inhibiting crystal growth and disperse properties, delay forming calcium carbonate sediments, and formulas of powder detergent that is phosphate-free detergent and copolymer based on zeolite have been designed.

In addition, zeolite does not have ability to stick to the pus and copolymer as an auxiliary manufacturer copolymer plays the role and remove these particles from surface and disposed it to Zeolite.

In addition to softening usage, Zeolites are capable to mix with the fat and creating cottage prevents fabric from being gray.

Recently, Zeolite P, X, AX that have higher exchange rate even in lower washing temperature than 4A.

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