Sodium Co Silicate :

To provide all of ceramic products like porcelain tiles and decorative dishes and etcetera, preparation of raw materials and slurry is essential. The slurry is a mixture of water and basic solid masses. One of the most important features of good slurry is suitable fluidity. It's clear that adding more water to slurry makes the suspension more fluid, but with less dry material that it needs more energy to separate water from the system. It reduces the efficiency too. To solve this defect using the thinner agent is mandatory. By using them, we can decrease the portion of water and therefore less energy and more efficiency obtained. In addition the more fluid suspension by deflocculent likes less sedimentation. To select lubricants, some basic principal are seen commonly:

- Research about the most suitable lubricative materials or mixtures which make the slurry deflocculate.
- Analyzing of deflocculation curves for setting the best amplitude of slurry viscosity for spraying and drying process.
- Calculating for the best estimation from economic aspects and get optimum viscosity for slurry.


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