Solid sodium silicate

ATDM co. standard commercial grades of solid sodium silicates range in weight ratio of SiO2 to Na2O from 1 to 3.4. In addition to solid sodium silicates, our produces sodium silicate glass briquettes, as well as metasilicates in granular anhydrous and pentahydrate forms . Glass briquettes are dissolved on-site by some large volume consumers when freight savings can justify the equipment and labor costs involved. The sodium metasilicates are primarily used in cleaning compounds. Special technical bulletins for these compounds are available on request. Sodium silicate glass is made by fusing high purity silica sand and soda ash in open hearth furnaces at 1300oC/2400oF. The molten glass is cooled, fractured, and charged into vessels where it is dissolved under pressure by hot water and steam. The various grades of liquid sodium silicate are produced by varying the alkali/silica ratio and the solids content.

Standard commercial grade Sodium Silicate Liquid is in the weight ratio of 1 to 3.4.

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