Nowadays, this material is used as a replacement for STPP in almost all over the world. In technical and investigative examination, it is shown that Zeolite along with some Co-Polymer can be replaced with STPP in powder detergent.

All designing and manufacture engineering of machinery in aforementioned assembly-lines has been done by Company's engineers. Executive operation of these projects has been finished in the year of extra efforts and work on 19 July 2010.

(ZEOLITE 4A) : Na12[(AlO2)12(SiO2)12],27H2O(ZEOLITE 4A)

MAZEO4A is considered as one of the most common components of detergent powders. One of its capabilities is to make water soft by rapidly exchanging sodium ions of heavy water under all operating conditions during washing.

So that the absorption of calcium ions equal 160 mgCao/gr zeolite 4A.

Ability to absorb polyvalent ion by zeolite 4A is concerned to the crystal structure of it.

Cage structure of zeolite that are linked together by channels and the presence of sodium ions in this structure with exchange of two capacity ions in hard water cause softening.

Zeolites are made of natural and synthetic forms of four-dimension structural unit TO4 so in these T is Si or Al atoms. If Al atoms locate instead of Si, balance will change and inside the crystalline network make overload that is neutral by the cat-ions Na+ and Ca2+.



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